Ireland is currently the leading country in the EU with GDP growth that has been so high for 5 consecutive years and achieved a growth rate 3 times higher than the EU average in 2018. Thanks to that, Ireland gradually became a country with a background the world’s leading economy and also the headquarters of many leading organizations and companies in Accounting & Finance such as ACCA, AIA, CAI … Along with the advantages such as safe country, quality of life. Living well, with advanced academic background, and wide open job opportunities, Ireland will be the perfect choice for international students planning to study Accounting & Finance in 2020-2021.

I. Overview of the Accounting & Finance industry in Ireland
1. What is Accounting & Finance sector?
The Accounting & Finance sector is referred to as the two majors of Accounting and Finance. This industry block not only trains you in knowledge of currencies and how to control them, but also provides you with knowledge of administration, business as well as the relationship between money – administration – business. . But there is one important thing, you need to note the difference between Finance and Accounting to clearly orient your future career goals.

2. The reasons to study Accounting & Finance in Ireland
Diversify curriculum, focusing on practical training

Most universities in Ireland offer Finance and Accounting courses at both undergraduate and postgraduate level. Studying this field in Ireland, you will have the opportunity to work in high quality professional environments in well-known global companies including Deloitte, EY, KPMG, PWC, AIB, Apple, CITCO, Eli Lilly and FDC .

The degree is recognized globally

After completing the course, you will be exempted from the entrance examination at professional accounting agencies: ACCA, ICAEW, CIMA, CIPFA, ICAS depending on the professional qualifications of the course you participate. Qualifications recognized across the globe.

Job opportunities – High settlement

In Ireland, due to the exponential increase in the number of small and medium enterprises, the demand for qualified accounting and financial professionals is also always high. Due to the great job demand, the number of students studying this industry is also very large, along with an attractive salary, so the competitiveness when applying for a job is also quite high.

Attractive salary

Graduates of Finance – Accounting in Ireland can work in the fields of audit, accounting, finance, securities, banking, tax … with an average income of € 46,204 / year (about 1.2 billion).


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