The good news was announced by the British government on September 10, 2019: from the enrollment period of 2020/2021, international students will register for bachelor’s, master’s, doctoral courses in the UK. will be allowed to stay for 2 years after graduation.

The UK is a dream destination for many international students because it has a great education and focuses on students’ capabilities, not expanding the study abroad market for the purpose of commercialization. .

However, in the past, international students studying in the UK were only allowed to stay for up to 4 months after completing their courses here, after which they must immediately return to their home countries. Cases of being allowed to stay are very rare because job opportunities in the UK for international students are difficult, international students coming to the UK almost only earn extra income by working part-time outside of school hours (about 20 hour / week).

Recently, a new strategy for studying abroad in the UK was announced by the British Prime Minister that from the 2021 enrollment period, international students applying for bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral courses in the UK will be allowed to stay for 2 years after graduation. This strategy is said to promote the attraction of studying abroad in the UK, considering the misty country as a great study abroad destination.


1, For international students to stay and work in the UK

* Increase personal income source: financial issues are always the top concern when living and working abroad. When job opportunities expand for international students, you will be looking for internships, jobs with monthly salaries will definitely help cover the cost of living while living in the country. developed as the UK.

* Skills development and professional enhancement: this will definitely be a great opportunity when you graduate from the course and have the opportunity to apply knowledge and practice.

* Become more independent: for international students while studying abroad have the opportunity to be independent in their life. However, when leaving school and going to work abroad will be a new turning point, you will be much more autonomous, especially in finance. At that time, you will definitely become more independent and mature.

* Easier to get a working visa: students have 2 years to find a job, if they own a good job and receive an invitation from an employer, it will be a lot easier to get a working visa and employment opportunities. work in the UK for a long time.

2, For UK

The recruitment of international students has become an important and attractive source of income for universities around the world in general and the UK in particular. In fact UK universities invest a large amount of money to promote their education in countries around the world and they also reap significant profits when the number of students choosing England as a country. to study abroad is increasing.

Until now, the UK has always had difficulty attracting international students because of its short stay, low opportunities to settle down and a lack of employment opportunities after graduation. Therefore, most UK university representatives are in favor of the change in this new policy and the UK will once again become the top study destination for international students.


There are currently around 460,000 foreign university students in the UK, generating £ 20 billion a year through educational exports – including income from international students, English training and educational technology solutions. sold all over the world.

According to research by the Higher Education Policy Institute, math graduates from the UK earn an average of £ 33,100 after 5 years after they complete their degree, while colleagues from outside Europe earns £ 48,600.

Meanwhile, economics graduates earn an average of £ 37,900 after 5 years if they come from the UK compared with £ 45,700 if they come from abroad. In both subjects, students from other European Union (EU) countries make more money than their UK classmates but less than those outside the EU.


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