Samsung should’ve called these things the Galaxy Beans. What a missed opportunity. With that out of the way, let’s talk about the new Galaxy Buds Live. The company’s latest true wireless earbuds and their unconventional design have leaked extensively over the last few months, and I’ve had many questions along the way. How do you achieve noise cancellation with earbuds that don’t seal in your ears? Can this bean shape possibly feel comfortable? Follow us to get more information from the Review of The Samsung Galaxy Buds Live.

Review of The Samsung Galaxy Buds Live

1. Design & Confort

Our first impressions of the Samsung Galaxy Buds Live were positive. After taking them out of the box, we immediately appreciated the design. If you’ve always been turned off, by the way, Apple’s AirPods stick out of your ears, these might be a suitable alternative — they’re much subtler and sleeker, and they feel less like they’re about to get knocked out of your ears

Samsung claims that these earbuds “sit softly in your ear, giving you a fit for all-day comfort and less fatigue.” After playing around with the product for a few weeks, we found this to be mostly true, but they took some getting used to for some users.

Adjusting to these earbuds was a little like adjusting to a new pair of glasses. Given their unique shape, they sat differently in our ears than any other earbuds we’ve used. At first, some of us could only wear them for about 45 minutes to an hour before experiencing discomfort and needing to give our ears a break. But the more we wore them, the more our ears got used to them and the longer we could wear them without feeling uncomfortable.

2. Sound Quality

Sound quality is okay from the Galaxy Buds Live, but again: your mileage will vary based on fit, outside noise, and other consequences of an unsealed ear canal. The 12mm dynamic drivers have been tuned by AKG and have a consumer-friendly sound that bodes well for popular genres of music like hip-hop, pop, and rock, but we suggest playing around with the app if you find that the sound isn’t what you want out of the box. Obviously, these are not audiophile products given their likely use, but not everyone needs a set of high-performance audio products when they’re out and about.

The sound is good for general consumers and falls in line with what we’re accustomed to hearing: amplified bass and high notes. Bass emphasis isn’t as egregious as we expected it to be, though voices are hard to hear during instrumentally busy parts of any song, like choruses.

3. Noise Cancellation

It’s impressive how much tech Samsung has packed into the Galaxy Buds Live. On each of the earbuds, there are three microphones along with an additional voice pickup unit, the speaker with a bass duct, and a bunch of sensors such as an accelerometer, IR, and a touch-capacitive sensor. All of this tech allows for a rich set of features on the Galaxy Buds Live- some of which work better than others.

Let’s start with Active Noise Cancellation – something that can be tricky to achieve in such small earbuds. What makes it even more challenging to get ANC on the Buds is that they don’t plug into your ear canal with silicone ear tips like some of the other buds that support this tech. Samsung has thus developed ANC for open type earbuds, which, according to Samsung, reduces low-band background noise under 700Hz – such as trains and buses – up to 97% while still allowing you to hear voices and announcements.

4. Battery

The Samsung Buds Live delivers an unremarkable battery performance. They provide over seven hours of continuous playback and have a case that yields around an additional 2.5 charges. Better still, you can use one of the buds while the other charges in its cradle. Unfortunately, these earbuds don’t have any power-saving measures, like a standby mode or an auto-off timer.

It’s worth mentioning that these earbuds have Samsung’s ‘PowerShare’ feature, which allows you to recharge their case by placing it on top of compatible Samsung smartphones. However, we don’t currently test this feature.

In conclusion, The Samsung Galaxy Buds Live is a pair of attractive bean-shaped true wireless earbuds with good sound and a unique fit. If you don’t like silicone ear tips that block your ear canal, these earbuds are for you. They are light, secure, and don’t protrude or have stalks.

They sound better than open-fit rivals such as the AirPods but their active noise canceling is only effective for deep rumbles. They last a long time between charges, have a good, compact, and pocketable case, and work with Android, iOS, Windows, and others.


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