The Creative Outlier Gold has big shoes to fill, and these sub-$100 true wireless earbuds are a great deal for anyone who wants to comfortably enjoy their music for long stretches at a time. Both the case and earbuds are the same as the older Outlier Air but with a shiny gold exterior. Unlike their cheaper counterpart, the Outlier Gold feature Super X-Fi integration which makes your audio sound more realistic than before. This is a great pair of earbuds, and we’re going to find out the Review of The Creative Outlier Gold – Best for Battery Life.

Review of The Creative Outlier Gold – Best for Battery Life

1. Design & Comfort

The earbuds have a relatively small design that sits within the ear. The earbuds are lightweight thanks to their outer plastic construction with matte gold and black finish which helps alleviate any unwanted fingerprints.

On the outer side of the Outlier Gold is the control button for track controls and adjusting the volume. It is nice to see both controls for volume and track as that can often be overlooked for in-ear controls. There is also an indicator ring light that is used to show the status of the earbuds.

On the underside of the earbuds is the charging pins as well as a magnet for ensuring that the earbuds remain placed in the charging case when you’re storing them. There is also, of course, the rubber-tipped end of the earbud on the underside.

The earbuds are comfortable to wear and thanks to their lightness, We don’t notice them when wearing them. They also manage to stay placed within our ears when we are moving around but we can sometimes find it difficult to get a good seal with the rubber-tipped earbud to give us the best listening experience.

Creative has gone with a slightly different approach to the rubber tip with these earbuds, so We are wondering if it could be something to do with that. The rubber tip looks to be less “domed” than other rubber-tipped earbuds We’ve used before.

2. Sound Quality

These earbuds appeal to a wide swath of consumers because of their bass-heavy sound signature. Bass notes sound about twice as loud as midrange frequencies (vocals and string instruments). This is often preferred by athletes and commuters alike to drown out ambient noise where isolation falls short. Even though the earbuds insert into the ear (unlike AirPods) a significant amount of environmental noise can be heard. Ultimately, this can degrade audio quality and may compel some users to invest in Comply memory foam ear tips.

Fortunately, the reproduction of three-dimensional space is impressive for a pair of cheap true wireless earbuds. In all fairness, this is the company that brought us the SuperX-Fi amplifier and SXFI Air, two products noted for their abilities to recreate a realistic sense of auditory space.

3. Connectivity & Features

The Outlier Gold supports Bluetooth 5.0, along with the aptX and AAC codecs. Additionally, the earbuds can operate on SBC, but they will default to aptX or AAC depending on whether you have them connected to an Android smartphone or an iPhone. The earbuds also support Google Assistant and Siri.

Additionally, the Outlier Gold can transmit audio through both earbuds when on a call. While this worked well most of the time in our experience during our tests, we occasionally found that one earbud would refuse to work for some reason. Restarting the earbuds by putting them in their charging case resolved this. You can use just one earbud on a call if you want to, though.

4. Controls

Each earbud also has a button, about which we have mixed feelings. On the one hand, the controls are intuitive. A single press of either button plays or pauses music, for example, with a long single press on the left earbud reducing the volume. Correspondingly, long-pressing the right earbud increases media or call volume. Likewise, double-tapping the left earbud will take you back a song, while the same action on the right earbud will take you forward a song.

There’s no shortage of true wireless earbuds, but the Outlier Gold’s sound quality combined with the IPX5 rating and 12-hour battery life on offer makes them stand out in this category. The plastic design works in their favor as it allowed for a larger battery, and barring the mushy physical button, there really isn’t anything at fault here. If you’re looking for a robust set of earbuds for workouts or everyday commutes, the Outlier Gold is an easy recommendation.


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