As a single parent, you will face many trials and triumphs over the years as your child grows into an adult. How to Be a Strong Single Parent can be difficult raising a child on your own, but it’s definitely possible. Raising a happy and healthy child starts by finding a good balance between work and home life, and knowing when to ask for assistance if you need it.

How to Be a Strong Single Parent 

Create a Set of Household Rules

Your household rules define your expectations and help your kids make choices that are in line with your principles. Just remember to keep your list of rules short, so that your kids can remember it. It also helps to focus on what you want your kids to do rather than long lists of “don’ts.” For example, be kind, be helpful, and be courteous. You can cover a lot of ground with a few succinct, memorable rules.

Establish Everyday Routines

Household routines are procedures that make our lives easier. For example, there are certain things you do every morning as part of getting ready for the day, and things you do each evening as you prepare to sleep. Similarly, there are things your kids need to do each morning and evening.

Communicate Clear Limits to Enforce Rules

Having a clear set of consistently enforced rules helps your child learn self-control and responsibility. Children as young as two years old can understand and follow simple rules. Take the time to explain your house rules to your child and let them know what you expect from them. Consistency is also very important when you’re setting rules. Make sure the other members of the family are on the same page.

Your rules will naturally evolve as your child gets older and becomes more responsible. Talk it out with your child when you feel like it’s time for the rules to change.

Find Opportunities to Multitask and Do More with Your Time- How to Be a Strong Single Parent 

If you’re tired of spending your evenings on chores rather than snores, maybe you can find ways to multitask during the day. Try to find ways to incorporate playtime with your chores. If it helps, you can also think of multitasking as a type of parallel play. For example, you can finish folding laundry while keeping your child entertained. Try playing a matching game with all of the socks or use the clothes to quiz your child on colors.

Establish a routine to create stability for your child

How to Be a Strong Single Parent

Go over the daily schedule with your kid, and let them know what you’re doing, what they’re doing, and who they will be with. Remind them when they should be at school, what time they’ll be picked up from practices, and what time you think you’ll be home with them.
This can also help to ease a child who’s nervous about being away from you for long periods of time.
If you have a hectic schedule, make it a goal to establish a routine during the week. For example, you might go to breakfast with your child every Sunday morning, or read with them every night before bed.

Make Time for Self-Care to Feel Good About Yourself

Make a habit out of taking care of yourself. It’s surprising how regular exercise, a healthy diet, and enough sleep can really make a positive impact on your life.

It’s also good to schedule a regular kid-free time and do something you really enjoy. Use this alone time to get a manicure, shop, or catch up with friends. Parenting is hard, and single moms absolutely deserve some time off.

Ask your child to help with household chores if they’re old enough 

How to Be a Strong Single Parent

Once your child is old enough to walk, talk, and follow directions, they can help with simple chores. Assign them tasks like walking the dog, cleaning up toys, emptying the dishwasher, or folding laundry. Be clear with your child that every member of your family has to help out because that’s what families do. For younger children, you may want to create a chore chart so that you can keep track of what they’re doing.
Remind your kid that if they don’t do their chores and help out, there will be consequences.


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