This is a golden opportunity to think ahead about your goals for next year. Never before have we all faced such a crappy year – and with the promise that it’s only going up from here, it’s time to reflect and take a moment to think about the goals you’re going to smash. Here are Goals Every Woman Should Set Herself In 2021. Follow us to read more!

Goals Every Woman Should Set Herself In 2021

Do More To Build A Life You Love

Next year should be all about big changes for you. If you don’t love your job quit. If something in your life doesn’t make you happy let go of it. Live the life you imagine for yourself in the future. You are entering the future and you need to create the life you want to live. You can use our unique Getting Things Done planner to plan your life. Everything from meals and appointments to tracking your water can be written down and planned out.

We always want to be more and to be better. And now is the chance to make it happen. This planner will actually help you to get it together and create your dream life.

Read More 

To help you develop, you need to read more. Read widely, too, don’t just stick with one genre. Read biographies, historical fiction, magazines about science. You need to read as many things as you possibly can. Get some new opinions, read unpopular opinions, get under the skin of someone you hate. This is a good way to improve your empathy for others and your conversation skills, too.

Go Offline

It’s really important to go offline every so often. Turn off your WI-FI if you have to. Force yourself to detox from the internet after work, in the evenings, and sometimes at the weekends.

Step away from the constant noise and comparison just for a few nights a week and you’ll feel a lot happier and more relaxed when you switch off and focus on real life.

Focus on what’s important

This year probably caused you to take a long hard look at what’s important. Your health and happiness are so important, feeling like you’ve achieved something and are smashing your goals is great – but your friends and family and your health and happiness should never take a back seat. That’s why it’s time to make 2021 the year of boundaries and creating a healthy work/life balance.

Our range of Daily Planners is designed to help you combine your busy to-do list with self-care. Track everything from the meals you eat to the water you drink, your budget, shopping list, self-care, and more while you work on smashing all your goals.

Travel more

Next year should all be about seeing the world as often as you possibly can. You don’t need to travel far, you can travel to places you’d never thought of visiting and still have your mind blown. Grow and develop into a more well-rounded person by seeing different perspectives. Travel not only broadens the mind, but it’ll also help you to relax, unwind, and see more of the world than you thought possible. Why not use your next weekend to visit the next town over or go on a train journey?

Create your happy list

Take five minutes in the morning to list a few things you’re happy about. Maybe you’re super excited about the Christmas period. Maybe you’re looking forward to projects in 2018, or maybe it’s the little things, like having a roof over your head or your family and friends. It’ll help you feel all warm and fuzzy in the morning, instead of flat and tired. This planner will let you write your list, plus all the self-care you’re planning to do to make yourself feel on top. With sections for how much water you’re drinking, the exercise you’re doing and the food you’re eating, you’ll be excited to start each new day and write in your planner.

Master Your Work-Life Balance

We often hear of the term ‘work-life balance’, but not many of us can pull it off. We live in a culture that glorifies work. With most of us working from home due to COVID, it has only become more challenging to avoid working all day and eventually succumbing to workaholism. This is why it is more important than ever now to set boundaries between our work lives and personal lives – not only for the sake of our mental health but also for the sake of those around us. As one of your career goals for next year, make a commitment to yourself to maintain a healthy work-life balance, whether that be through setting and sticking to strict schedules or learning how to say ‘no’.

This is a golden opportunity to think ahead about Goals Every Woman Should Set Herself In 2021. Never before have we all faced such a crappy year – and with the promise that it’s only going up from here, it’s time to reflect and take a moment to think about the goals you’re going to smash. 


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